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3MGdesigns is an abreviation for Maximum Mktg. Media Group. This company was founded by Rodini Almonacy in 2000 with the purpose of providing everyday people with affordable design & print services without sacrificing quality. Maximum Grafx was a vangaurd in the design industry because Rodini Almonacy found his niche in designing cd covers for underground dj's. He took pride in making the street CD's look like actual albums. That in return increased the sales of the cd's due to it's colorful and very marketable appearance. His design style caught the attention of Justo Faison (may he rest in peace) who was the founder of the "Justo Mixtape Awards" where he acknowledged DJ's for their accomplishments in the music industry. Due to Rodini's overwhelming presence in the industry he was the 1st Graphic designer nominated in the category of the "Best Mixtape Graphics Award". He won for the design of DJ 4our 5ive's "The Best of Lil' Kim" street promo cd. After that, he was then nominated 4 more times for which he won the honors 2 more times. Since then the names "Rodini Almonacy" & "Maximum Grafx" became synonymous to unique and trailblazing graphics in the Hip hop industry bringing big names to our design firm and forever engraving our names in the world of graphic design and the music industry. 3MG is a media design firm that specializes in, but is not limited to print media & logo design. 3MGdesign is a media marketing firm where the focus is our clients branding, and imagery. We create and provide multiple solutions for clients of all budgets ranging from your average mom & pop shop to multi-million dollar corporations.